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ViMu.Co - Bringing Streaming Audio and Music Videos to Retail, Nightlife and Restaurant Venus

Tell us what Low Voltage or Project that you are working on and we will gladly provide you a complimentary review to see how we can support you and your team.  Here are some examples:


  • Live Streaming - As used by The Lucky
  • TV and LED Wall - As used and installed for The Lucky and
  • POS Support - As provided to Kearns Restaurant Group, Mel's Diner & More
  • PreWire - As used by Many new Deep Lagoon Locations and Other Customers
  • Design and Consulting - Twisted and many other clients
  • Commercial Audio - Makes up about 75% of our overall business
  • Digital Signage - Hospitality Locations served by us and Backstreets Limo
  • Acoustic Options and Panels - As installed into 2 Meatballs, Cape Coral
  • Camera installation - Currently installed and/or monitoring over 1000
  • 70 Volt Systems Consulting - Several Accounts with existing systems
  • Video Matrix - We installed the first 25 TV Video Wall in South Florida
  • Cellular Backup - Installed in several customer locations
  • Background Music - Currently operating exclusively at 2 restaurant groups from Florida along with many individual locations
  • Music Videos - Operating at both Harley Davidson Port Charlotte and St. Pete
  • Access Control - 2 Buildings in Downtown Fort Myers and more

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